Our Track

Our Track

Welcome to atvquadbikebali.com, where fun and courage meet in an extraordinary ATV adventure on the island of Bali. Get ready to feel an adrenaline-pumping sensation by exploring ATV tracks that are full of uniqueness and challenges. atvquadbikebali.com presents an unforgettable off-road experience, taking you through forests, rivers and beautiful hills, and offering stunning natural views along the way. Immediately join us on an adrenaline-pumping adventure and explore the unique ATV tracks at atvquadbikebali.com

Our Tracks


Experience unlimited freedom as you ride an ATV through these jungle tracks, feel the wind on your face, overcome natural obstacles, and explore the stunning natural beauty around you.

Mud Fun

Enjoy the thrill of traversing muddy tracks on your ATV, sliding with excitement and mastering slippery, adrenaline-pumping challenges.

4 Bridges Over the River

Experience soaring excitement as you let go of the reins and navigate a challenging four-bridge track over a river on your ATV, conquering heights, overcoming obstacles, and exploring stunning scenic beauty along your journey.

Roller Coaster Bridge

Experience the ultimate excitement of speeding over a flying roller coaster bridge track with your ATV, experiencing breath-taking moments of gliding through the air and providing a memorable experience that goes beyond the limits of imagination.


Enjoy a challenging adventure as you navigate this river with your ATV, crossing the fast water currents and exploring the amazing natural beauty along the riverbanks.

3 Instagrammable Waterfalls

Go on an amazing adventure through this Instagrammable three waterfall track with your ATV, facing the fast flowing water, penetrating the stunning natural beauty, and creating unforgettable moments that are ready to be immortalized in every corner.


Feel your courage tested as you ride an ATV across challenging cliff tracks, conquering steep slopes and breaking through heights with speed and endurance.

Jalan Pedesaan

Enjoy an amazing adventure traversing country roads on your ATV, exploring the charm of villages, traveling along winding roads, and experiencing the enchanting peace of nature along your journey.


Enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside as you traverse rice paddy tracks on your ATV, navigate green slopes, follow flowing irrigation streams, and feel in harmony with the nature that surrounds you.

Goa Barong

Delve into the mysterious darkness and discover hidden beauty as you explore the Goa Barong track on your ATV, experiencing the thrilling sensation of adventure in a cave full of secrets and natural wonders.